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If any of you are restaurant employees you might be familiar with this thing we call “scarytech” or steritech..this is almost just like a health inspection, just a little more detailed. I am recently promoted to shift leader, a non salaried manager. No, it is not the first time I held this position, just my first time in a full-serviced restaurant. Yes, I have held my servesafe certification for 8 years and am very familiar with food handling and safety (a certification sayin you know how to prevent cross contamination, food safety, how to handle sicknesses with food, etc). I have never been thru an inspection by myself as a manager..I have been there many of times durin the inspection as an employee. We recently had an inspection over a month ago and for really stupid things, we failed (not my shift, I wasn’t even in the building). Not anything to so with food handling and safety as much as it was our “housekeepin”. So needless to say with the winter season we are slow and every day we tear apart a different part of our restaurant to detail clean..we are by far the cleanest restaurant I’ve worked at in the past 10 years. So we got a chance to do an instructional walk thru inspection with a trainer who we were allowed to ask any questions we wanted (they get impatient with us askin durin a real inspection). I was able to be there during this training and retained a lot of unknown information. Not to mention that he said we have very good housekeepin, and if the hard to clean spots are cleaned, then were doin somethin right! My G.M, Hubby and I are all goin on 2 years at this restaurant and when we first got there, they had a problem with fruit flies, we (as a store) have come a long way with this problem and it no longer resides in our store! Whew..ok so these scarytech people always have a way of showin up when least expectin..Tuesday bein my last workin day of the pay period I have to watch my hours for overtime (I cost to much to get it, I get paid more than my General Manager when in OT) and was relayin the days worth of messages to my Assistant General Manager when my host ran back and trembled over her barely English speakin words “the man here, steritech he here, the man!” I said “no, no your joking?” she replied frantically “no yokin, he here the man!” So my A.G.M and I quickly started to lid everything and wipe down counters, etc.. Is it that easy?? No or I wouldn’t be writin this…All day I’ve had contractors in the buildin from fixing tiles, the plumber, and deliveries. So once we got the store “cleaned” I went out to the inspector to nicely stall him by explainin we have the tile man here fixin things please give my A.G.M. time to get him out so you have all of our attention (I have know this inspector all 10 years of me workin in the restaurant, he deals with the area we live in so I can’t get away from him lol). “Well can I come back to the office to set up?” was his reply. I quickly said “I’m only a shift leader, I don’t want to upset my A.G.M by allowin you to come back while she is with another person, please just another 5 more mins” in the mean time all of my servers are harrassin him askin him to just pass us and get it over with..were all sick of livin with the headache of when is he goin to show up. After a long 1 1/2 hours of nerve wreckin pain (me constantly thinkin did I miss anything out of date this morning, did I close all the boxes, are all the cracked dishes thrown away, etc) We had our sit down with the inspector and he told us how great the store looks, we’ve done a great job meeting his criteria in the past failed inspection! We got a 99.3%!!! What was wrong you ask? 2 dented cans..when we received them they were safe to use immediately, however with dents it allows bacteria in and havin them sit to use was not the correct way to go, a dented can cost us .7%, I am not more confident than ever to walk thru with the scarytech man!! I opened the store and our employees were countin on me to get us thru! And I did it, now where my raise?!?