Our new deep freezer..

I’ve been wantin a deep freezer for a while now.. Found one on craiglist and went to pick it up only to learn it won’t fit up the stairs from the basement. Let alone would the people we went to pick it up from open the outside doors .. Soo.. Needless to say we never got it. A couple months go by and I still can’t find a decent one on Craigslist. As the days pass by it tortures me, wantin a deep freezer, needin more room in our small fridge/freezer. We signed up for a gym membership ( very time consuming), after a week of eatin out because I didn’t have time to cook ( leave work by 3ish, get boys off bus and finish homework about 4:30ish, going to the gym for about 2 hours beacuase they have an indoor pool, countin drivin time and shower time we would be done about 8:30ish. Boys bed time is 9, where is dinner??) so I realized I needed to do something about it…and I did!! I begged my butt off to my darlin Hubby to get us a deep freezer, it’ll basically pay for itself! Yay, I got, I mean, we got a deep freezer!! So I spent all last Monday cookin and portionin food for homemade frozen dinners. I have lots of pics and recipes to share with you all!! Please sit by and be patience for more and more to come for this is a BIG  and very time consuming hobby/shortcut to help your self with dinner! I am still in the learning process but think I’ve got it! I will be cooking again this Wednesday, with different recipes than last week and will have recipies and hints for days! See ya soon!!