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Home decor

Simple things

Here’s to the many recipes to follow! Thank you always for your time! Please always feel welcome to leave feedback!

DIY Projects

Boys bookshelves..

There isn’t much closet space in either of the boys rooms, especially Henry. Hunter’s room is a lil more spacious for dressers, toy box, shelves. So we decided to make a tall bookshelf, while were at it might as well make one for each. I’m a fair kind of Mom. So we get together our resources: 2 bar chairs, a circular saw (craigslist $10), some 3″ nails, a yard stick, hammer, and some 2′ X 6′ wood we had layin around.

The wood my Hubby will be helpin me cut.

wood for shelves

We used the chairs to help hold the wood while usin the saw to cut it.

chairs to hold the wood while cuttin

We made a few measurements for the shelves 1′ long and placed them 1′ apart. Placed 3 nails in each level on each side.

Cuttin and nailin the pieces together

After we got all the shelves and nails in I stood them up and painted each one according to their bedroom schemes.

Book shelf

Book shelf

Finished Projects

Both book shelves

Hope you got a few ideas on how to start your own shelving. It’s not limited to books, our boys use them for xbox games, movies, to display figurines!

Life blogs

Still tryin to get ahold of things..

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