What is she talkin about?

Ok, some of you might know what I’m talkin about if you have the same cookin techniques as I do. Most of you don’t so I have some explanations for the recipes I have. Any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as I can!

For starters..who knows what the spice Adobo is? It is used mostly in Latin cookin and those who have tried a Latin recipe. I would like to consider it like an all spice, a little of everything! I use the red one that says con pimienta (black pepper). Some will just hold the seasonin bottle upside down for a couple seconds or rotate in a full circle. I will use the circle version. It is probably close to 1 tsp. per circle or second.

Denver mix you say? It is diced sweet onions with diced green peppers even portions of both mixed together. Of course you can remix it how you want, maybe you enjoy red peppers and red problem! That’s the beauty in cookin, you can always make it how you like instead of what the recipe calls for.

Recaito could look different or be called different dependin on where you get it. It can also be called sofrito. What your lookin for is the green mix not red. The green season is based with culantro the red is tomato. Very different taste.

Sazón is a packet of magic! I use Goya, it comes in many variations. I prefer the all orange box. It has the writin ‘con culantro y achiote’. The achiote is what give the food the color, be careful it will stain!

That should be most of the weird stuff you see. If needed I will update this post for new things I come across. Unfortunately I’ve done most of my cookin for the month already and the pictures that I took to post for this was accidentally erased when the phones memory filled up and I uploaded to the computer. I am not technology savvy lol. Also I just figured out I can’t post videos or if I can I can’t figure out how lol..again, technology!