Water bath..

Good morning!

I would like to share a quick tip for bread baking. As I’ve baked scratch bread over the past year and a half, I have struggled to figure out the perfect Italian bread. Yanno..the warm, soft, fluffy bread you can start to eat as your checking out at Walmart.

I’ve done a lot of research on “how to” and it usually says milk and oil. Which I already do, I use 1/3 of milk to go with my water, and always 2 tbsp. of oil, it’s easier than cutting in butter. Soo now I’m really confused..I also saw something for an egg wash, which we all know has nothing to do with the actual bread itself, and just how nice and golden shiny the crust will be.

Finally..after a few times of researching, I’ve found something that says baking with a water bath will end result in a crusty crust, and soft inside. Well my plate was full last Sunday as I baked soft pretzels, bagels, breads, etc. and I ran out of room to bake. Anyways.. I decided to make a depression cake last night, as well as a batch of bread. (What’s depression cake? Click here to find out)


I used a shallow glass 13×9 pan with about an inch of water on the lowest shelf in the oven. Preheated my oven, and about 15 mins later, baked my bread. As we all waited patiently, as bread takes close to an hour to bake, the smell was tortuing us! Soo heavenly and light the fresh bread aroma filled the house. About 45 mins later, I take the bread out, go to move it from the pan and it was soo soft, my finger went thru it!!

Now for the last 5 mins to cool off enough to try a slice! Mmmhmm!! The best bread I’ve ever baked! Now I’m about to warm up some of this sausage gravy from yesterday morning and use the bread to dip!