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French toast rush..

Gooood morning!

Well giving the fact that our area hasn’t had any snow this year and we have 2 snow storms heading this way..everyone is in panic getting ready for this suppose to be 3 feet of snow. Possibly 9 inches an hour. Whose complaining..not me!  There’s not a better way to spend time with your family than to be snowed in together for a couple days! I really do want my children to expience the tall snow and having to walk in it.

Quick story..I was about 11 my brother was 8 in the blizzard of 1994, we lived in an apartment complex at the time. Our mother had to walk to the store to get us bread and eggs. The snow was up past the door at least half way. My brother and I dug us out with spoons! Soo fun, sledding on a trash can lid!

Now we have saucers and running sleds to use! But we haven’t put them to use this year. And I finally got my Hubby to enjoy winter time! Now I need to get up off this and go get our French toast ingredients! Have fun!!


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Family genealogy..

Soo, I’m currently back at my family’s genealogy. In the midst of doin this recipe book, I’ve decided to get back on ancestry and family search to finish my research. I’ve figured out our Swedish and Irish ancestors immigrated to America about 115 years ago, right around the Great Depression time. Our Irish ancestors suffered the Potato Famine right before the Great Depression. I am the 5th born generation for our Swedish side, and 6th generation for our Irish side.

Now if I can only find a paper trail for our Native American ancestors. Which unfortunately I don’t think will be happening, because I think our Indian ancestors got shunned for eloping with a white family. It was not accepted for an Indian man to marry a White woman. However if an Indian woman married a white man she had limited access to her tribe. Which also on this side of my family, we do have some German that we can date back to 1400 with ease, but the websites dated this side back to 900!!


Martha and Jasper Phillips, est. date: 1940

Our German ancestors immigrated right before the Great Depression, to some right after the Great Depression. So I am 4th and 5th born Generation. Now if I can only find some pics of anyone before my grandparents.

Family history is something the government can never change! Unlike the text books my kids are using, they are not teaching them the same I was taught 15 years ago. Stories change every time their told. You would be surprised what kind of information you can find on a census report in the 1900. Still born babies were soo common, they have it written down on almost every census report. Some even ask if they owned radios. It will tell you how much their house was worth, if it was rented, a farm, what language they spoke, did they write, read and speak English, all kinds of stuff.


Olive and Earl Phillips, est. date: 1950

All you need is a dead family members general age, 2 out of 3 names, a general area of living and the next thing you know a week passed and you have people in your family you never know! Now I gotta get the boys on the bus! Happy Thursday!

Does she look Indian?! How I wish I could find her paper trail!

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Depression cake..

This cake was created by our grandmothers and great grandmothers when times of war were wreaking havoc on our world. In some countries the Great Depression started in the late 1920s and lasted till the late 1930s. During this time food like dairy were scarce. Women had to come up with ways to feed their families off of $5 a week.

This cake is called many things. Wacky cake, depression cake, grandma’s cake, boiled cake, boiled raisin cake, the list goes on and on. I will refer to it as depression cake, being this is where it originated from. This cake is safe for anyone with dairy allergies, because it has NO dairy! Wait, what?!? Yes that’s right, no eggs, milk or butter! It will still be very moist and filling!

Because I wasn’t sure if our kids would enjoy the cake I made a half batch, but this recipe will be a full batch. My mother remembers eating this cake when she was a child. You can use pretty much any dried fruit you want, but the normal is raisins. This is a spiced cake. Soo I told my youngest, it’s like pumpkin bread without the pumpkin lol.

This cake is most enjoyed with a cup of coffee, milk, a dusting of powdered sugar, or just plain.

2 cups water

2 cups raisins

1 cup brown sugar, packed

1/3 cup oil

2 tsp. Cinnamon

1/2 tsp. Cloves

1/2 tsp. Nutmeg

2 tsp. Water, separate

1 tsp. Baking soda

1 tsp. Salt

2 cups all purpose flour

1 tsp. Baking powder

Powdered sugar, optional


In a medium saucepan over med-high heat combine sugar, water, raisins, oil, and spices. Bring to a boil and continually stir for 3 mins. Remove from heat and let cool down 20 mins or so. You should be able to put your fingers it it before using it. In a small dish add 2 tsp. Warm water and dissolve salt and baking soda. In a medium bowl mix flour and baking powder. After raisins cool down, add your salt/soda mixture into the raisins. The batter may bubble a little. Next add wet mixture into dry and mix and stir until raisins are equally distributed. You may either grease a 9×9 pan or line with foil and leave an overhang on all sides. Pour batter into prepared pan and bake at 325* F for about 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. After it’s done baking let rest for 5-10 mins and either flip upside down or use foil handles to remove and further cooling.

I left mine sit too long after I flipped it and it has lines, but that does nothing to the flavor and the lines are not normal lol.

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Recipe book..

Soo..I know I told y’all about my recipe box and going thru it to replace unwanted recipes. Well..I’ve found our family A-Z recipe book, which is 2 index binders with rings! 😜 And I know it’s going to be a lot of work, which I love trying new crafty things so I always have something going on lol, buut I was thinking about making our boys each their own recipe book from our family that they can always add to. I was also thinking about customizing each of them according to which recipes they like, but also the main ones with some tips and conversions. Our oldest loves to cook meals and our youngest loves to bake. And of course neither one enjoys eating what the other does, but isn’t that typical? 

Always remember a family that cooks together, stays together!  

And to clear my table some, in my search of lost (misplaced) items, I found their old bakugan binder with attached card sheets. Soo, until I’m bored again the binder will replace my accordion coupon book. Now all I have to do is paint it 🎨 

Quick mini story about my first time couponing:

Literally this past week before Christmas I decided to do last min. shopping, which I will NEVER do again! Anyways I was soo proud of myself for finding coupons for the things I wanted to get the boys, which would of saved $15 or so. With my Ibotta rebate savings almost $20. Anyways, lines were extremely long, traffic was horrible to get there, walking thru the people traffic was even worse. I don’t like crowds of ignorant people who bump into you and act like they never did.. Soo finally it’s cash out time, I give her my coupons and she scans one and says it doesn’t have numbers, it doesn’t work. But because I was already extremely irratated, I took back my coupons (which I threw out because she said they didn’t work), paid for everything I had coupons for in full price, and just yesterday asked a Facebook couponing page about my coupons. Which of course I find out they are good, all she had to do is enter the numbers ABOVE the bar code.. Anyways, lesson persistent in using your coupons, and put the items back for the coupon that “doesn’t” work. Oo and not to forget, never shopping the week before Christmas!

Hope you enjoyed my couponing story, hopefully you’ll learn from my bad expierence. Lol, till next time..have fun!

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What’s goin on..

Hey everyone! How are we doin? Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time, however I have had a lot going on. Between work, appointments, and basketball I just haven’t had time for much! This is my first relaxin bath in a couple months. But as I find more and more delicious recipes I find myself wanting to get back in this blog! Don’t forget you can follow me on Facebook here. 😜 I’m always quick to post a pic or share things I find on my feed.

Wanna know something exciting? …I’ve decided to pick up couponing!…I’m always price/size comparing, why not take it up another notch and save EXTRA money..or even earn money! I’ve just started about a week ago. I’m collecting info like store policies, making a coupon book, and how to read the coupons just to be safe hehe. I also came across an old Betty Crocker recipe box I would like to go thru to replace unwanted recipes with our family recipes 😋 Now I will have to write them all down lol.

Besides that both of our boys started basketball about two months ago. This Christmas break was well needed with all the running around. Some times they had practice back to back at separate schools, blah 😔. But the 40 mins. drive to the games is what kills us. An hour later and we’re back on the 40 mins. drive ahh 😨 buuut the games are well worth it!

Happy holidays!


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Some basic advice for everyday cookin..

Hello, how is everyone? I have been very busy but good. Between workin doubles, strength trainin at the gym, and everyday life my days off just can’t seem to come fast enough. Soo today’s post is goin to be some hints, advice and general food safety.

If if your anythin like me you will start off processing what your about to accomplish in your head about a week in advance. A few days into thinkin I start to google and seek my advice. Then it migrates to paper. My notes could be a list, a web (think back to elementary school where the subject is in the middle of your paper in a circle with lines going away to other smaller circles like a sun with the subtopics, mine even go further to include some recipe hints) or even saved Google searches. Once I figure out what I am going to be doin I will gather another list with items I need to get to finish my project. I try to space out my deadlines due to work and life. For instance: I went meat sale shopping Friday, seasoned my whole chicken Saturday, went grocery shopping today while my chicken cooked slowly. Tomorrow I will pick the chicken and season the other meat I plan to start cooking Tuesday with the intentions of cooking all day Wednesday (until it’s gym time) and portionin everythin Thursday into Friday.

Cleanin…yes unfortunately you have to clean. But there are a few tricks to make it easier! To start off you will want to make sure there are no dirty dishes to start off with. Next grab your Clorox spray and goto town. Clean the sinks, counters, table, and all other surfaces your food and cookin utensils will come into contact with. Keep the dish strainer on the counter with a small amount of hot water in the sink with a high concentrate of dish soap. Not so hot your burnin your hands, but hot enough to dry the dishes quickly and safely put your hands in. Wash the dishes as you go! When ever you get a break to wash it. Spray your counters when you move on, don’t wait! When needed add more hot water to freshen the sink but PLEASE make sure to change the water as needed.

Cross contamination happens when raw items get mixed and create a bacteria. You should not cut your steak where you just cut your chicken or even use the same knife without sanitizing your work area and tools includin your hands. No you should not use the bloody knife you just used to cut your pernil to cut your child’s apple with.

F.I.F.O. – First In First Out..rotate your stock. If you got 2 loaves of bread and not sure if you will start the second in time..pop it into the freezer..stop the aging process until needed. Put the new gallon of milk into the back of the fridge ( in case no one could see the half empty one beside it ;-P ) Yes cans count too!

Properly coolin food is a very important step In food preparation. If not done properly it could create a bacteria leadin to sickness of loved ones. You should spread food out flat on a cookie sheet or use an ice bath ( fill sink with ice water and dip bottom of bowl with the hot food in it try to mix while waitin).

To to defrost food you should plan ahead and pull frozen meats at least one day in advance. If you got home early from work that day and decide to prepare a dinner you were not ready for simple run the frozen meat in its package under runnin cold water. The process should only take a few minutes depending on the amount of meat, keep rotatin if it’s that big.

Last but but not least…stay organized! Weather that means you have to keep and inventory list of items you have on hand (we use a chalk board) or you portion your food to help food waste. Don’t let food get the best of you!

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Dear day light savings..

Dear day lights saving,

I am ever so happy and thankful for your shinin rays of light. The reminder of a new day. The natural heat you produce when the wind is a bit chilly on a warm spring day. I also love the extra time we get durin the summer days of summer vacation when we can stay out all night to play. However….might I remind you that some of our children have a built in alarm clock?!? So when the sun comes up late durin winter months my lil red rooster will stay sleeping until 8 am. Which is awesome to be able to sleep in! But also brings us to summer vacation months when the sun is up at 6 am. Yes..that means my lil red rooster is also up at 6 am ready to get into somethin he would normally not because mommy is still sleepin! No, he is not a real rooster, just the youngest child who is like a rooster and wakes when the sun rises. Come back winter! I would like to sleep till 7 at least! At least he is not a good whisperer or tip toe-er.


Extremely exhausted and tired Mom

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Blizzard 2015..

Let me start off by sayin that I am a born Northerner. I moved to the south for a couple years, found and married my husband (who is also a born Northerner), and decided to move back North with our family. Our kids are so young and haven’t gotten a real chance to live the snow life. Growin up I had the chance to deal with a couple snow blizzards and was the best thing ever! From igloos, to tunnels, to sledding there was always somethin fun to do! With all the ice we got last year we got a chance to have a small snowball fight which led to an approximate 10 ft. by 5 ft. igloo or as we called a long house. This year was a big tease! It never really snowed decent enough to go outside and enjoy it let alone when it did were we off work at a decent time, lol. Finally, it started to snow Saturday morning and didn’t stop until early Sunday morning, ending with ice showers. Yep..the weekends we work morning and get out shortly after lunch! 😀 Yay, can it be? Is it possible we can actually enjoy what everyone is callin “Blizzard 2015”?! We sure did, we got dressed very warm to the point of not being able to move, since the temperature is about 15 F plus the snow is still fallin with a slight wind, grabbed the 3 runner sleds, 1 saucer, and our swimming tubes and took off to the park..No one was there when we first arrived, next thing you know there is about 3 adults and 6 kids not includin our 4 adults and 3 kids (my mom drove us). We decided shortly after we arrived that we would make a ramp, yes a ramp! So we gathered snow as a family. Dad is shovelin the snow onto the sleds, kids pullin the sleds to me where I built the flume. At first we built a single ramp with walls down the hill, shortly after my sister-in-law arrived with her son we decided we would build a double ramp with walls to the next ramp! So much excitement you can’t even tell how cold it is! So after an hour of play we went home to enjoy coffee and hot cocoa. A fun outside winter sport to keep the family active!

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If any of you are restaurant employees you might be familiar with this thing we call “scarytech” or steritech..this is almost just like a health inspection, just a little more detailed. I am recently promoted to shift leader, a non salaried manager. No, it is not the first time I held this position, just my first time in a full-serviced restaurant. Yes, I have held my servesafe certification for 8 years and am very familiar with food handling and safety (a certification sayin you know how to prevent cross contamination, food safety, how to handle sicknesses with food, etc). I have never been thru an inspection by myself as a manager..I have been there many of times durin the inspection as an employee. We recently had an inspection over a month ago and for really stupid things, we failed (not my shift, I wasn’t even in the building). Not anything to so with food handling and safety as much as it was our “housekeepin”. So needless to say with the winter season we are slow and every day we tear apart a different part of our restaurant to detail clean..we are by far the cleanest restaurant I’ve worked at in the past 10 years. So we got a chance to do an instructional walk thru inspection with a trainer who we were allowed to ask any questions we wanted (they get impatient with us askin durin a real inspection). I was able to be there during this training and retained a lot of unknown information. Not to mention that he said we have very good housekeepin, and if the hard to clean spots are cleaned, then were doin somethin right! My G.M, Hubby and I are all goin on 2 years at this restaurant and when we first got there, they had a problem with fruit flies, we (as a store) have come a long way with this problem and it no longer resides in our store! Whew..ok so these scarytech people always have a way of showin up when least expectin..Tuesday bein my last workin day of the pay period I have to watch my hours for overtime (I cost to much to get it, I get paid more than my General Manager when in OT) and was relayin the days worth of messages to my Assistant General Manager when my host ran back and trembled over her barely English speakin words “the man here, steritech he here, the man!” I said “no, no your joking?” she replied frantically “no yokin, he here the man!” So my A.G.M and I quickly started to lid everything and wipe down counters, etc.. Is it that easy?? No or I wouldn’t be writin this…All day I’ve had contractors in the buildin from fixing tiles, the plumber, and deliveries. So once we got the store “cleaned” I went out to the inspector to nicely stall him by explainin we have the tile man here fixin things please give my A.G.M. time to get him out so you have all of our attention (I have know this inspector all 10 years of me workin in the restaurant, he deals with the area we live in so I can’t get away from him lol). “Well can I come back to the office to set up?” was his reply. I quickly said “I’m only a shift leader, I don’t want to upset my A.G.M by allowin you to come back while she is with another person, please just another 5 more mins” in the mean time all of my servers are harrassin him askin him to just pass us and get it over with..were all sick of livin with the headache of when is he goin to show up. After a long 1 1/2 hours of nerve wreckin pain (me constantly thinkin did I miss anything out of date this morning, did I close all the boxes, are all the cracked dishes thrown away, etc) We had our sit down with the inspector and he told us how great the store looks, we’ve done a great job meeting his criteria in the past failed inspection! We got a 99.3%!!! What was wrong you ask? 2 dented cans..when we received them they were safe to use immediately, however with dents it allows bacteria in and havin them sit to use was not the correct way to go, a dented can cost us .7%, I am not more confident than ever to walk thru with the scarytech man!! I opened the store and our employees were countin on me to get us thru! And I did it, now where my raise?!?

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Our new home..

We moved into our home October 1, 2014. Agreed to do the cleanin and some paintin in exchange for the security deposit..what’s the point of cleanin the house twice? When we move in I would of cleaned it top to bottom anyways. It has been a fight since the moment we agreed to move in. Ha, ha, not necessarily a bad fight, yanno…you have to fight for what you want! The house is beautiful after a good few weeks of scrubbin it down and a fresh coat of paint. Some hurdles to cross here and there. But at the end of the day it is great! The boys both have their own rooms (I can separate them when fightin lol), they have a yard to play in (to yell outside without givin me a headache lol), we have a beautiful sun room and kitchen, and plenty of room for our zoo. This house comes with great life lessons and life morals for the boys, they can live and experience things they normally wouldn’t with our supervision and help.

Our home

1929-Conventional style house