A lil about me..

My name is Jazzy and I am a mother of 2 boys named Henry, 10 and Hunter, 7. My Hubby and I have been married for 4 years and have been together for 12 years. He is 8 years older than I am (28). We have a 4 year old marvelous mutt, her name is Pumba..we have no idea what kinds of dog she is, but she is amazing! We also have 2 male gerbils named Chocolate and Vanilla, 2 female 4 month old kitties names Savannah and Georgia( where we got married), last but not least we just put up a freshwater aquarium with platys and mollies.

My husband and I work together in a family style restaurant.He is the full time morning cook. I just got promoted to shift leader. So depending on what day I work depends on what I am doin. Mon. and Tue. I open the restaurant as the manager, Thu. I am kitchen prep, Sat. I serve and Sun. I cook. I am a woman of many traits, there isn’t anything holdin me back. My favorite category in the restaurant would be grill cook. It’s very fast pace, hot, and demanding. I love to compete with my fellow coworkers on ticket times(who cooks the fastest). I am very confident in the work I do!

In my free time I am usually finding something new to try to cook/bake. I love food, cookin and eatin it.  I have some OCD(head issues as I call it), so I clean for half my day. When I get down time I enjoy painting glass, listenin to music, and spending time with my kids. My Hubby and I both volunteer as sports coaches, depending on what the boys are doin that season. Spring we coached tee ball. This winter he is coachin our oldest’s sons 5/6th grade team and I got the youngest which is a 2nd grade instruction level..the joys of 9 high sprung squeelin boys!


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