Buttercream icing from scratch..

Good morning y’all!  Today I will be sharin with you my trial and error in making homemade buttercream icing. I tried 3 different basic recipes all of them consist of the same ingredients, but give you a different consistency and taste. Of course the more powdered sugar you add the stiffer the icing, to thin icing simply add a tablespoon of milk. All you will need is flavoring (vanilla extract or whatever flavor you prefer), powdered sugar, milk, and fat (shortening or butter).

Buttercream icing with butter:

1 cup butter

3-4 cups powered sugar ( depends on how thick you want icing)

2 tsp. vanilla or your choice of extract

2-4 tablespoons milk ( depending on how thin you want icing)

Beat butter until creamy. Add sugar 1 cup at a time until mixed well. Once the sugar and butter mixture starts to crumble slowly add the milk until you achieve the consistency you desire. Last add your flavor.

Buttercream with butter

I hope my photos are good enough that you can see the grains in the icing. Yes I am cheap and always looking for a deal. Can’t beat 4 sticks of butter for .75 cents, excepts it’s not real butter and doesn’t contain enough fat in it. Even though this recipe is my favorite tasting one, I will not use this to ice or decorate a cake. This icing taste just like a can of icing bought from the store. However is it a little runny and the color doesn’t mix well. It leaves a grainy look.

Buttercream with shortening:

Buttercream with shortening

This recipe is just simply replacing butter with shortening, and following the same steps above. I find this icing better for decorating. It is a lot stiffer than with butter and holds its shape nice. I don’t prefer the texture of this one, I find it a little greasy.

Buttercream with butter and shortening:

Buttercream with butter and shortening

I find this recipe the best out of the 3 I tried. It taste good, not greasy and the consistency is perfect. Of course you can thicken it up a little more with extra powder sugar to decorate or leave as is for a perfect creamy icing. All you have to do is split 1/2 cup butter and 1/2 cup shortening, beat until creamy. Slowly add sugar one cup at a time. Last add your desired amount of milk and your favorite flavor. If you want to color this icing, use a gel icing so it won’t break down your icing.

I hope you learned something from my trial and error run on homemade buttercream icing!


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