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Dear day light savings..

Dear day lights saving,

I am ever so happy and thankful for your shinin rays of light. The reminder of a new day. The natural heat you produce when the wind is a bit chilly on a warm spring day. I also love the extra time we get durin the summer days of summer vacation when we can stay out all night to play. However….might I remind you that some of our children have a built in alarm clock?!? So when the sun comes up late durin winter months my lil red rooster will stay sleeping until 8 am. Which is awesome to be able to sleep in! But also brings us to summer vacation months when the sun is up at 6 am. Yes..that means my lil red rooster is also up at 6 am ready to get into somethin he would normally not because mommy is still sleepin! No, he is not a real rooster, just the youngest child who is like a rooster and wakes when the sun rises. Come back winter! I would like to sleep till 7 at least! At least he is not a good whisperer or tip toe-er.


Extremely exhausted and tired Mom