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Blizzard 2015..

Let me start off by sayin that I am a born Northerner. I moved to the south for a couple years, found and married my husband (who is also a born Northerner), and decided to move back North with our family. Our kids are so young and haven’t gotten a real chance to live the snow life. Growin up I had the chance to deal with a couple snow blizzards and was the best thing ever! From igloos, to tunnels, to sledding there was always somethin fun to do! With all the ice we got last year we got a chance to have a small snowball fight which led to an approximate 10 ft. by 5 ft. igloo or as we called a long house. This year was a big tease! It never really snowed decent enough to go outside and enjoy it let alone when it did were we off work at a decent time, lol. Finally, it started to snow Saturday morning and didn’t stop until early Sunday morning, ending with ice showers. Yep..the weekends we work morning and get out shortly after lunch! 😀 Yay, can it be? Is it possible we can actually enjoy what everyone is callin “Blizzard 2015”?! We sure did, we got dressed very warm to the point of not being able to move, since the temperature is about 15 F plus the snow is still fallin with a slight wind, grabbed the 3 runner sleds, 1 saucer, and our swimming tubes and took off to the park..No one was there when we first arrived, next thing you know there is about 3 adults and 6 kids not includin our 4 adults and 3 kids (my mom drove us). We decided shortly after we arrived that we would make a ramp, yes a ramp! So we gathered snow as a family. Dad is shovelin the snow onto the sleds, kids pullin the sleds to me where I built the flume. At first we built a single ramp with walls down the hill, shortly after my sister-in-law arrived with her son we decided we would build a double ramp with walls to the next ramp! So much excitement you can’t even tell how cold it is! So after an hour of play we went home to enjoy coffee and hot cocoa. A fun outside winter sport to keep the family active!


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