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Our new home..

We moved into our home October 1, 2014. Agreed to do the cleanin and some paintin in exchange for the security deposit..what’s the point of cleanin the house twice? When we move in I would of cleaned it top to bottom anyways. It has been a fight since the moment we agreed to move in. Ha, ha, not necessarily a bad fight, yanno…you have to fight for what you want! The house is beautiful after a good few weeks of scrubbin it down and a fresh coat of paint. Some hurdles to cross here and there. But at the end of the day it is great! The boys both have their own rooms (I can separate them when fightin lol), they have a yard to play in (to yell outside without givin me a headache lol), we have a beautiful sun room and kitchen, and plenty of room for our zoo. This house comes with great life lessons and life morals for the boys, they can live and experience things they normally wouldn’t with our supervision and help.

Our home

1929-Conventional style house


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